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  • Special design for Container or Enclosure applications.
  • Low Back pressure Assured.
  • Assured Acoustical performance from 35 to 42 dB(A).
  • Inlet-outlet design.
  • Available nominal diameter from 50 to 450.

Optional Accessories

  • Spark Arrestor
  • Flange and counter-flange for inlet & outlet.
  • Black HT Paint/Flame Spray Treated.
  • Thermal Insulation for heat isolation.
Typical Performance Curve

Key Features

  • Assured Low Back Pressure.
  • Available in MOC Carbon-Steel, Stainless-Steel, Corten Steel.
  • Suitable for Diesel, Petrol, Natural gas, Biogas fuel.
  • Square/Box type Silencer design available.
  • Ideal for DG OEM’s.