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Ventilation Attenuator/Silencers

Ventilation Attenuator/Silencers are also referred as Splitter Silencers or Baffle Silencers. The Ventilation Attenuators/Splitter Silencers are typically installed to reduce noise emitted by the ventilation systems, components like axial fans, ventilation blowers, ID/FD/SA fans, AHU’s etc. These attenuators can be installed in either existing duct (circular/rectangular/square) or cones as an additional element with the housing/casing.

Ventilation Attenuator Applications:

  • Enclosure air inlet system
  • Hot air exhausts system
  • Boiler/HRSG fans
  • Turbine inlet/outlet systems
  • Marine Engine room fans

The Design Criteria are:

  • Cross sectional size for the required air flow.
  • Attenuator length to achieve required noise reduction
  • Air way width and length to achieve required pressure drop
  • Splitter thickness to absorb noise waves

Key Features

  • Also known as Splitter Silencer or Baffle Silencer.
  • Low Back Pressure achieved by minimal flow restriction.
  • Used for ID/FD/SA Fans, Ventilation Fans, Exhaust Fans for noise reduction.
  • Manufactured in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel with Acoustic Infill.
  • Can be added to existing installations.