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Acoustic Panels

We provide Acoustical Panels for walls, ceiling and flooring manufactured from plain and perforated sheet steel, framing members, internal reinforcements welded and riveted together.

Each panel is damped and fitted with sound retardant & absorbing materials which are vermin proof, hydrophobic & incombustible.

Panels can be joined with each other with fabricated/roll formed steel sections so as to prevent noise leakage.

Windows can be installed in panels with Factory sealed units with two glasses separated by an air gap.

These modular panels can be integrated with hinged/sliding doors, Louvers, Ventilation fan system, Electrical lighting fixtures etc.

Key Features

  • Assured Acoustical performance.
  • Rapid & Easy Installation.
  • Flexible & Portable design feature.
  • Single or Double wall construction absorptive panels.
  • Integration with Acoustic Doors, Vision Windows, Ventilation Louvers.