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Noise Barrier

We design, manufacture & install complete range of High performance Acoustic Industrial Noise Barriers to solve wide variety of environmental noise pollution problems. Decimator Industrial Noise Barriers are manufactured in modular panel form using rugged, abuse-resistant, long lasting steel and can be constructed to any size, height or configuration. Our Industrial Noise Barriers are ideal for power plants, bridges, roads, and mono/metro rail projects.

These Noise Barriers are primarily of two types
1) Absorptive type
2) Reflective type.
In practice a combination of these two types provides ideal performance & aesthetics. Many factors are considered while designing of Decimator Industrial Noise Barriers like Acoustical adequacy, barrier materials, barrier locations, barrier dimensions & shape as well as non-Acoustical considerations like life expectancy, maintainability, structural integrity, safety, aesthetics, vision blocking etc.

Major application sites for Industrial Noise Barriers:

  • Highways & Flyovers
  • Construction Sites
  • Airports
  • Industrial Boiler / Power Plants
  • Railways / Metro / Monorail
  • Industrial Transformers & Gensets
  • Industrial Chiller Plants
  • Industrial Compressor Plants

Key Features

  • High Acoustic performance.
  • External weather proof properties & almost maintenance free.
  • Designed to withstand wind loads & Impacts.
  • Easy to demount & Relocate.
  • Sound absorptive surfaces minimize reflected noise.
  • Acoustic Barriers with vision panels.