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Test Bed Acoustics

We provide complete Acoustical systems for Engine/Equipment, Test Bed application. The system is designed as per Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Industrial Norms.

Our Acoustic system consists of Containerized Test Bed setup or Acoustic components for Test Bed Room treatment as below-

  • Personal Acoustic Door
  • Engine/Equipment entry Door
  • Vision Windows for Control Room
  • Wall & Ceiling Treatment
  • Ventilation Louvers
  • Utility Channels
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Exhaust Stack
  • Exhaust Cooling Air Mixer
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Door Automation

The Test Bed Acoustic systems are designed for Single/Multiple equipment running simultaneously in the Test Room/Bench.

Key Features

  • Assured Noise level outside the Test Bed as per CPCB Industrial Norms.
  • Modular construction hence easy maintenance.
  • Ideal for Gensets, Compressors and Pump Testing.
  • Integration with Electrical, Piping & Ducting services.
  • Ventilation system offered as optional.