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Noise Seal®

Sound Proof Windows

The Sound Proof Windows are a Factory sealed unit with multiple glasses separated by air gap for noise reduction. The spacer is provided between the two glasses of the Sound Proof Window with moisture absorbing desiccant to avoid fogging/fungal growth.

Sound Proof Windows are fixed with suitable aluminum frame work and properly sealed to avoid any leakages. The fixing frame work can be finished in suitable shade to match the ambient scheme. These Sound Proof Windows can be fixed type or sliding type as per the application.

Applications of Sound Proof Window

  • Engine House Acoustics
  • Test Bed Acoustics
  • Recording Studios
  • Residential
  • Class Rooms
  • Music Room

Key Features

  • Factory sealed unit with multiple glass panes.
  • Glass panes separated by air gap / filled with inert gas.
  • High Transmission loss assured for various applications.
  • Doubles up as solar/ heat isolation.
  • Noise reduction sound dampening/vibration dampening inter layer used