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Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Treatment

Acoustically treated wall & ceiling surfaces are designed to reduce the reverberation inside the house/test room and increase the transmission loss. The wall treatment includes modular paneling to cover the highly absorbing infill material. The entire assembly is floating construction and dissipated sound energy by resonance.

The construction and fixing arrangement still modular and individual panels can be removed for access to the cabling or piping hiding behind. Similarily lay on panels, construction for ceiling treatment helps reduce reverberation and increase transmission losses.

Excellent finish ensures the aesthetics and appearance as well. Decimin provides turnkey solution including integration and co-ordination with electrical, lighting and piping contractors.

Key Features

  • Wall & Ceiling treatment reduces reverberation & enhances transmission losses.
  • No need to relocate the electric cables, other pipelines running on the wall or ceiling
  • Individual panel can be removed for Maintenance/Repairs purpose.
  • Excellent Aesthetics & Appearance.