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Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure also referred as Genset Enclosure, Acoustic Canopy, Generator Noise Control, Sound Proof Enclosure, and Noise Shield.

We design, manufacture & supply High quality Tranquille® acoustic enclosures. Our enclosures are designed to deliver noise performance as per CPCB standards. We offer turnkey solution for Generator Acoustic Enclosures at very competitive price.

The basis of reducing Noise of equipments is to provide quite & safe working environment to employees. Our Acoustic Enclosures includes – Acoustic doors, Acoustic windows, Acoustic panels, Acoustic louvers, Splitter Silencer and Ventilation system for enclosure.

Key Features

  • Acoustic enclosures with large insertion loss up to 50 dB(A)
  • Modular design for ease of Assembly / Disassembly in the event of major breakdown.
  • Available in Bell type construction or modular with removable / sliding panels, with/without Base frame.
  • Provide access for normal & routine maintenance.
  • We provide Electrical / Lighting fixtures & Fire extinguishing system as optional.
  • Optional accessories for the Enclosure – Engine exhaust Silencer.