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Flap Valve/Closing Device

Flap Valves are used near the Discharge end pipes of Marine exhaust systems. Main function of flap valve is to permit outflow of gas from exhaust pipe while it prevents sea water splashing due to waves from entering and reaching the engine.

The closing devices are designed depending on the exhaust flow & temperature and offer least resistance to the exhaust flow.

Manufactured in Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel, Flap Valves can be manually gear operated or can be automated (either electrical operation or pneumatic operation). Decimin Flap Valves are provided with electrical signaling micro switch to indicate OPEN/CLOSE position at MCR.

We can offer a combined Flap Valve and Injection Ring device as well for compactness.

Key Features

  • Flap Valve to avoid wave/splashing sea water entering ducting
  • Easy Exhaust flow let out to atmosphere near water level.
  • Stainless Steel construction to avoid sea water corrosion.
  • Manual/Electrical operation with indication at MCR
  • Valve closed when Engine not running.