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Sound Proof Doors (Acoustic Doors)

Sound Proof Doors are also referred as Acoustic Doors, Noise Proof Doors and Sound proof Glass Doors.

We design, manufacture & supply world class Sound Proof Doors. Our Sound Proof Door / Acoustic Door sets are specially designed for Test Cell, Generator House, Recording Studios, Industrial Acoustic Doors, Concert Halls, Cinemas, Sports Halls and Music Practice Rooms etc.

We supply factory assembled multistep sound proof door / Noise proof door unit which includes – Single / Double leaf, Hinged / Sliding mechanism, Seal with strong and durable construction. All sound proof doors are tested for correct alignment and fit. Our optional accessories for Acoustic Doors include - Furniture fittings, Glass vision window, Door closure, Kick plate, Panic release device.

Sound Proof Doors / Acoustic Doors can be offered with Automated operation with Pneumatic/Electrical operation.

Sound Proof Door/Acoustic Door Applications

  • House Acoustics
  • Recording Studios
  • Music Rooms
  • Industrial Areas
  • Test Beds
  • Concert/Cinema Halls
  • Genset Rooms
  • Compressor House

Key Features

  • Acoustic insertion loss up to 35 to 64 dB(A)
  • All doors are factory assembled and tested for correct alignment, fit and ease of operation.
  • Custom Doors are available in sizes as per architect/individual requirement.
  • Effective sealing with multi step frame
  • Available in Galvanized, Painted in various shades & in Wooden finish.
  • High Quality furniture fillings like Slam Latch, Panic Bar, Door Closer, SS push Handles etc.
  • Pneumatic/Electrical Door operation as option.